Al Alarm’s Specials – Commercial Alarm Systems From BOSCH
Commercial Alarm Parramatta

Al Alarm’s Specials – Commercial Alarm Systems From BOSCH

Needless to say, CCTV cameras have always been predominantly used within commercial and industrial property settings to –

  • Safeguard existing valuables and inventory
  • Control crime
  • Record accidents or mishaps
  • Be used as licit proof of insurance and claim purposes
  • And deter uncalled theft & robbery

In fact, adding a quality commercial alarm system in Parramatta for your business set-up brings forth some irrefutable benefits.

They Entail As Follows –

  • Contributes to augmenting your employee productivity
  • Allows proper remote viewing of your commercial or retail store via a smart phone
  • Allows business runners to manage POS- Point of Sale
  • Prevents frauds and fraudulent claims
  • Assists manage and handle your employees
  • Constant surveillance of your store or outlet
  • Lends the much needed peace of mind when your commercial business or set-up is shut down for the day

If, you’ve been thinking long and hard about updating your commercial alarm system in Parramatta or Penrith, then AL Alarmsyour reliable security service provider near you offers you a series of quality commercial alarm systems from BOSCH to choose from.



1-Bosch 844 Alarm System –

First in our offered range of commercial alarm systems from BOSCH is this 844 alarm system perfectly suited for small-to-medium sized commercial offices, shops, even warehouses.

This new-gen 1-BOSCH 844 Alarm system features 2 motion sensors as well as external and internal sirens.

Plus, they also feature a back-up battery, a quality power supply as well as a receiver backed with a couple of remotes control. Back to mobile phone convenience available.

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2-1 Bosch 880 Alarm System –

Moving on in this list is this new-gen and performance guaranteed 2-1 Bosch 880 alarm system which can be aptly used both at home or at your commercial work set-up.

Likable features of this device include – back to mobile phone convenience, a quality power supply along with an receiver consisting of 2 remotes control.

Furthermore, this Bosch 880 alarm system incorporates both external and internal sirens, a back-up battery and 3 motion sensors (as its chief USP)!

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2-1 Bosch 880 Alarm System (Wireless) –

Are you trolling the internet searching for a quality and cost-convenient BOSCH wireless alarm system to install at your commercial set-up or industrial warehouse?

You’re in luck, mate!

AL Alarms TEAM offers you our top-shelf 2-1 Bosch 880 (wireless) alarm system to optimally safeguard your commercial property round the clock against unwanted break-ins, robbery or other such unappreciative nefarious acts.

This quality security alarm comes feature-laden with the following attributes. They entail as follows –

2 highly responsive motion sensors to protect both your internal and exterior commercial set-up

Both internal and external sirens to notify concerned caretakers about something potentially dastardly and devious taking place. Moreover, it consists of a back-up battery complemented with an impressive power supply

This even comprises 3 remotes controls and presents its users back to mobile phone conveniences to suit their various requirements.

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1- Bosch 6000 Alarm System

Last, by most certainly not the least is our Bosch 6000 Alarm system. Truth be told; you will love having this new baby installed at your commercial workspace or set-up.

This security alarm system is optimally integrated with access control capabilities as well as with a slew of intuitive UI as well as high-speed programming software. All this is to make it ridiculously easy for respective users to meet their vivid commercial security needs- regardless of the shape, size and expanse of your commercial set-up.

This Bosch alarm system is easily flexible to adapt to your daily commercial security protection. Plus, it also proves very easy to use.

Furthermore, this specific security system comes equipped with 3-motion sensors along with both internal and external sirens.

This security unit also comes with a receiver featuring 2 remotes control. And just like the aforementioned commercial alarm systems, it also delivers you back to mobile phone convenience.

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(NOW THAT’s OVER -) Here Are Some Surefire Tips To Up-Keeping Your Commercial Alarm System in Parramatta & Penrith


Before we begin, make one thing crystal clear. No alarm security system (regardless of how good its quality is or of what brand it belongs to) is not immune to malfunctioning or going on the fritz.

That said, we believe looking after your commercial alarm system on a routinely basis does go a long way in ensuring it functions optimally. To help you look after your commercial alarm system, here are some surefire tips to keep it working in proper condition.

Let’s Begin…!

Check for your commercial alarm system status updates on a consistent basis. Make sure you keep your commercial alarm system sensors free of dust and debris to prevent occurrences of false alarm triggers

Make sure to periodically test your commercial alarm system through regular communication and sensor testing. Of course, if you don’t have the know-how to do it yourself, then don’t fret. Our AL Alarms Team will happily do it for you at your decided date and time.


Security is one aspect which should never be compromised. If anything, it should be given utmost priority.

Fortunately, our quality collection of BOSCH security alarm models are highly flexible, easy to use and very affordable. Our team will come down to your location to help you install the alarm system appropriately at its correct positions to guarantee uninterrupted security monitoring of your premise.

But that’s not all, we also offer enhanced after sale support and troubleshooting services whenever you stumble upon a genuine unit malfunction or damage. Upon reaching your location, we will look to resolve the issue in super quick time that too without causing you too much inconvenience.

So without procrastinating further SPEAK TO US.


And for more tips and information on security alarm systems keep following our blogs section!






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