Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System

The risk of theft and burglary has highly increased in today’s world which has lead to the wide acceptance of burglar alarm systems as an integral part of our life. We at Al Alarms ensure that we provide you the best and optimum way to help you protect your family and property.

Al Alarms is a premium name in security and alarm systems in Sydney, New South Wales. We have provided security solutions and installed alarm and home automation systems for domestic and commercial properties since 2007. If you are looking for alarm and monitoring systems in Liverpool, Sydney, the right place you are. We also offer free advisory service with a wide range of wired and wireless alarm systems which can get triggered in case of any burglary or theft, smoke, and other serious threats to your property. Install any alarm system with us and gain the peace of mind knowing that you house or property is being watched over.

A burglar alarm is a specialized security system for homes, apartments and industrial/commercial properties. The alarm system detects real time movements and monitoring systems can help you get the real time updates. The other additional facilities that can be included in the alarm systems are glass break sensors, door contact, smoke sensors and CCTV cameras. The monitoring systems can be setup to be used on desktops or mobiles and can also be remotely accessed.

Unfortunately in Australia, we have the highest number of security systems supplier and  it’s a resultant of rampant home thefts, burglary and unforeseen circumstances. It rather becomes difficult for an individual to choose the correct service provider and products in a market that has so many of them.

Well, let’s talk about the threat that you need to address, first. A simple way to do this will be to consider not only about the situation you need to address but also the attached benefits of any home security alarms. Alarm systems could deal with so many things at home or work that you may not have even thought of.

Alarm systems can be used to deal with many security concerns and here are the predominant ones:

Burglar alarm system can be installed inside your Home and/or around the perimeter:

Perimeter Alarm System

If a intruder breaks into a house while the residents are at home, the worst fear is of the safety of the family members. Perimeter alarm system would prevent any intruder from entering your home as it triggers the alarm while the intruder is still outside and trying to break in. These systems detect high frequency vibrations which are caused due to forced entry. Moreover, devices like glass break sensors and door contact help to detect breaking of glass windows and opening of doors.

Perimeter alarm system would detect any intrusion through windows and doors as it uses devices like glass break sensors and door contact. It operates in two modes, standard lets you arm the system when you are away and stand by mode lets you move freely at your home without switching off the system.

It is a complete home security solution when linked to the monitoring system and best of those who are seeking extra security and want the alarm to trigger before an intruder breaks into the house or business store. This system also includes pet friendly detectors and reduces the concern of false alarms.

The benefits of installing perimeter alarm system with AlAlarms is that we provide genuine information and guidance of the products and system and help you choose the best system as per your requirements. We install the best home security systems in Sydney, New South Wales and provide free quotations, competitive pricing and a hassle free warranty service.

Home Alarm System

Unlike perimeter alarm systems, Home alarm system detects the internal movements inside your home when you are away. It functions using infrared sensors to detect motion which lets you know about any security risk when you are not at home.

Other security devices that can be installed along with motion detectors are CCTV cameras, door contacts and window break sensors. We provide pet friendly detectors which are able to differentiate the difference between a pet and an intruder and reduces the risk of false alarms.

The home alarm system can be set to standby mode when you are at home, without switching off the alarm system. When going out, remember to switch the alarm system to standard mode which would arm the system.


A CCTV system is one of the most important components of a Home security solution as it provides you round the clock video surveillance from wherever you are in the world from your tablet, desktop or smartphone. With the increase in break ins and burglary, CCTV cameras have become very common in Liverpool, Sydney. Not only at businesses places, but these system are being installed at homes because of their multiple benefits.

CCTV cameras along with other alarm and security systems, provide full protection to your family and property when at home or away. You can install the system in and around your property to check any climes or vandalism. In addition to this, these security systems also provide a safe work environment in offices and can help in increasing the efficiency of employees. Having these systems installed can also give you better insurance claim in case of a theft.

AlAlarms has a wide range of CCTV cameras like IP and night vision cameras, full HD cameras etc from best brands and can be customised as per your needs. Weatherproof cameras are also available to be installed outside home and in surrounding regions.


If you have pets at home, it may so happen quite frequently that your pet tripped the alarm system. Therefore, install a pet friendly system which can easily identify the difference between your pet and an intruder and can reduce the risk of false alarms. Passive Infrared detectors or PIR detectors are able to distinguish between humans and animals due to the difference in shape and size of the and it in turn allows your pets to move freely inside the house or in the property.

Depending on the size of your pet, we can suggest you the type of pet friendly sensor that would serve your purpose. If you a have a small dog or a cat, a normal motion detector can also be installed upside down, about four feet above the ground. The range of a normal motion detector goes straight and then down which can detect humans, but if installed upside down, it goes straight and then up which cannot detect small pets.

A working of a pet friendly detector depends on a few factors like the difference in height of a pet and humans. As humans are taller, they have a higher coverage area as compared to pets which are generally smaller in height. The sensitivity of the sensor can be calibrated to ignore particular sizes and shapes and can be adjusted as per height so that your dog can pass underneath the motion sensors without triggering the alarm.

Dual alarms are also available which has two separate sensors and they trigger the alarm only when both the sensors detect the motion


The wireless door / window sensor triggers the alarm by wirelessly sending the signal to the alarm system, when a door or window is opened. The wireless sensor can also show the current status of the door/window. When at home, the alarm will remain deactivated, but make sure to activate the alarm before leaving home so that you are alerted if a window or door is open or in case of an intrusion.

The wireless door / window sensor can be placed on all exterior doors and windows and specially the ones which are at the ground level. These sensors also prove helpful if you have small children.


A glass break sensor activates the alarm system when a glass pane is shattered or broken. These sensors use a microphone which monitors any sound or vibration coming from the glass and if the vibrations exceed the set threshold, the alarm system gets activated.

These sensors are best to be used on glass doors and windows or commercial stores which have a glass front. It is an extra layer of protection for your home and can scare off an intruder easily. Depending on the size of the room, one glass break sensor can also cover all the glass doors and windows.


Wireless alarm systems are easier to install at homes and properties and are cost effective as there are no wirings that has to be done. The devices are installed and connected to an existing power point and a back-up battery.

If the distance between the detector and the control panel is more, no worries because wireless repeaters are also used along with the system which ensures that the signal is received the control panel. To know more about wireless alarm systems, Click Here

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