An intercom system is a stand-alone two-way communication system which is used to transmit and receive audio/video signals. It is an essential part for residential and commercial security which helps in the identification of visitors. This communication device can be used in vehicles, buildings and can also be used for brief conversations or to check the visitors at the front door of your home. It can also be used for security purposes, like to provide voice communication between two or more locations.

A simple intercom system comprises of a Master station and a Substation. The substation is located outside the home or building and the Main station is located inside where the communication is to be received. Intercoms system can be connected to loudspeaker systems, telephones, and to other intercom systems. Door intercom systems are used to talk to the visitor at the front door. Addition of a camera to the intercom system helps you to see the person as well.

The usage of intercom systems is not limited. It can be of great use in the health industry or in hospitals and ensure the safety and security of patients, staff and visitors. Hospitals have various departments and sections including patient care units, emergency units etc which can be connected through audio and video intercoms. The entire system can be managed from one or multiple locations and any kind of an emergency can be addressed just with the push of a button.

Not just hospitals, but intercom systems can be installed at factories, laboratories and other business offices to communicate between two or more locations. Al Alarms provides installation of intercom systems in Liverpool, Sydney and New South Wales and both wired and wireless intercom systems are available which are used as per the convenience and requirement of user can be be either portable or permanently mounted. We provide a wide range of brands and models of audio and video intercom systems, public address systems, car parking and boom gate intercoms and lift and fire intercom systems. Apart from this, Al Alarms can also help you to customise the intercom systems to meet your specific requirements and integrate the system with other alarm and monitoring systems like fire/smoke alarm (link) and home alarm system (link).

Voice Intercom Systems

A voice intercom system is a typical two-way communication device which is used at homes and building to check the visitors or used for security purposes. A simple voice intercom system has a Master station and a Substation. To contact the master station from the substation, there a call button which has to be pressed and then the master station responds. For the master station to contact the substation, the talk button as to be pressed and the user can then speak to the microphone. Release the talk button to hear from the substation.

Voice Intercom stations are available in two versions:

Handset intercom stations are wired and they use a cord as found on a telephone. Such stations provide some privacy and they work well in noisy environment but are less convenient to use.

Handsfree Intercom stations, on the other hand have a built in microphone and speaker which is more convenient to use and is more handy. We live in a technology world, which means that advances have seen the increase in home automation, using smart technology.

We install easy to use audio intercom systems in Liverpool, Sydney that provides a high quality audio and automatic door unlock system can also be integrated along with the intercom system to open the door just by the push of a button.

Key Features of wireless audio monitoring systems

Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom stations are one step ahead of voice intercom system as they provide video surveillance features as well, that is, the communication between the master and substation is audio-visual. The substation has an in built camera that helps us to see the person operating the station through a small video monitor in the master station. Depending on the type of Video Intercom System, the substation can have a fixed camera position and viewing angle or it could also have a rotating camera which can be operated by the person receiving the call and can help him to see the surroundings regions.

Video intercom systems play a very important role in home security and it helps in screening visitors and there is no need to open the door and put someone at risk. Moreover, you can monitor your children playing in the garden or near the pool and keep an eye on their safety.

Both wire and wireless Video intercom systems are available, but due to the difficulty of sending video wirelessly, wired systems are preferred. The intercom system can also have multiple substation or master station depending on the requirements of the user and can be integrated with other systems which can open the gate electronically with the push of a button.


Video Intercom systems are available in two versions:

Video Recording – The video recording Intercom system has a built in live video recording feature that records a live footage. It has an expandable memory slot which can store the video and later the video can be transferred to your computer. The video contains the real time date and time stamp which can show you who visited your home or property when you were away. This feature is of great use when you are going on a vacation and the video intercom system can show you the recording for the entire period when you were not home.

Video Monitoring – The video monitoring feature can help you to monitor the surrounding area of your home. It does not record any live footage but it allows you to activate the camera by the push of one button and check who is at the front door. Moreover, pushing the monitor button does not let the person know that he is being monitored and you can observe the surroundings of your home if you suspect any crime. Most of the video intercom system have this feature included.

Key Features of wireless video monitoring systems

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