Bosch Alarm System


Locations Available: Bosch Alarm System Available in Bankstown,Lidcombe,Burwood,Parramatta,Windsor,Sydney and many more!

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Installing a security system system at your home has become an important aspect nowadays. We are vulnerable to a lot of dangers and installing a proper home alarm system has almost become a necessity. Everyone works hard enough to stand in today’s competitive world and with the advent of technology, burglars and intruders have also increased in number. Therefore, to protect your family and hard-earned assets and belongings, it is important to install a security system.

The devices or components of a home alarm system can range from a simple motion sensor to a complete security system linked to the home automation system. All of this totally depends on our customers requirements. As most of the break-ins occur through a door or window, you can make your house more secure by installing door and window sensors. For an extra layer of security, CCTV cameras can be installed which can provide you a recorded video footage of any incident. Fire/smoke alarm system is another important systems that can protect your family and house from gas leaks or fire. Last but not the least, due to the advancement in technology, you can also remotely control your entire security system by using a smartphone.

Yes, you can easily operate the alarm system from inside your home. There are two modes available in the alarm systems, Standby and Away. Standby mode disarms the alarm system so that you can freely move around your house. When going out of the house, change the mode to Away and your entire security system will be activated.

Yes, pet-friendly sensors can be used along with the home security systems so that your pet does not trigger a false alarm. This not only allows the pet to move freely in the house but also minimizes the risk of false alarms and worryness.

No, it is indeed very easy to operate our alarm systems and is easy to learn even for children or aged people. It is a very simple interface to understand and control. Moreover, our team makes sure that you are comfortable enough to operate the entire systems on your own.

In case, an intruder gets into your home, the alarm system would get activated and would ring a siren which can be heard to a long distance. This is normally a first line of defense which scares off the intruders easily. With the advancement in technology, you can now receive notifications when a door is opened or if it is armed or disarmed and you can now also control your home alarm system remotely using your smartphone.

Yes, most of our security devices use a dual path to operate. The devices are connected to the main power source of the house and is also connected to a battery in case the power is out. This feature makes sure that the security devices operate even if the intruder cuts off the power cable.

There is nothing to worry, simply enter the pass code and disarm the alarm.

A monitored security system is always better than an un-monitored security system as with the prior system you can keep an eye on your home and your loved ones. You will have a recorded footage of anything happening at your home which can help in finding the cause and of any incident and can help you lower you insurance premium.

Though there is an extra cost for monitoring your security systems like a monthly subscription but it adds to the safety and security of your home and your belongings.

A security system installed by a professional is always better as compared to a DIY system. Though there is an one-time extra cost of installation when done by a professional but you are sure that the systems have been installed properly. Moreover, the team checks the entire system after installation and confirms that it is working as desired. Moreover, our team explains you everything about the system and makes sure that you are able to operate the system properly.

With DIY systems,  the biggest disadvantage is that you have to do everything yourself just with the help of the manual whereas the advantage of installing the security system with us is that we can do it for you without any hassle and help you choose the best system as per your requirements.

The basic requirement of a security system is to save your family and home from any mishap like theft, burglary etc and for that, the burglar alarm system is perfect which can contain different components like door and window sensors, motion sensors, CCTV cameras etc. Other systems that can be included in this system is fire alarm system that may include smoke sensors, sprinklers etc. All of this can also be linked to a smart home or commonly known as the home automation system which is one of the best things that can be included in your security system.

Yes, you can set up specific timings to automatically arm and disarm the system with the help of a timer. You can also manually override the timer from the control panel.

Yes, a lot of wireless devices and components are available nowadays which has made the entire process of installing a security system easy and less complex. There is no requirement of drilling holes into the walls and passing wires and it leaves no marks on the wall while uninstalling the devices.

Yes, the devices and components we provide and install are of the latest technology and would not require any upgrades for a long time. However, if required,  they can be easily upgraded in the future as per your requirements.

No, regular testing is not required, however, we always recommend to test the systems at least once in a month to be sure that the security system is working properly. Checking the systems at a regular intervals eliminates the factor of a false alarm or the alarm not triggering at all when required.