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Has it ever occurred to you as to why do people spend money on security of their property?

Well, in case it has please read through the page to know why and how we can help you with securing your property and valuables.

Alarm systems are an essential investment and prompted by the statistics of break ins and burglary in Australia.

Did u know that 60% of house owner move places after an episode of theft or breaking. We are sure that you wouldn’t like that to happen to your home and valuables and  thankfully with your consideration and our services, you will be able to eliminate such risks.

The basic functionality of a burglar alarm is to monitor the potential entry points through sensors and send them to the control panel which then transmits the alarm signal. In other words, if an intruder breaks in a house, his movements will be detected by a switch which will trigger the burglar alarm.

It’s very important to keep pace with the technology, hence we provide the latest alarm and monitoring systems as per your requirements. You can trust us with the high standard products that are used to keep the system effective and trouble free. Post installation, to ensure that the devices work properly upto your satisfaction level, we provide a 3 months of free Monitoring service as well.

Know that your loved ones are safe

An intrusion, burglary, fire and gas leakage, or theft can result into loss of valuables and in the worst case loss of lives as well. We may be able to rebuy or earn the property or valuables again, but not people. So think of an alarm system as a shield on your family and something it gives you peace of mind, as after installing an alarm system you would be certain that they are in safe haven under the monitoring of alarm system, that we will install for you. With the advent of internet, it has become a minor expense to connect your alarm systems to a  server and monitor it from  a web enabled device, like a mobile. Yes, you could leverage the internet and our expertise in being able to monitor and control your home alarm system from your mobile.

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by a colorless and odorless gas that is found in combustion fumes. Within the home, carbon monoxide can be released from stoves, burning wood or charcoal, heating systems and gas ranges among other things. Since carbon monoxide is undetectable by the human senses, individuals are often blindsided by carbon monoxide poisoning that has been building up over time. In the human body, carbon monoxide is picked up by the red blood cells much more rapidly than oxygen is. As these blood cells release carbon monoxide into the blood, it begins to replace oxygen and this prevents tissues and organs from receiving necessary oxygen. The most severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can result in death. Other symptoms may include: dizziness, headache, chest pain, nausea, vomiting and confusion.

Protect your home and family from fires

Did u Know a small flame can change into a huge fire in just 30 seconds of time and a property could be filled with black smoke in just few minutes if not detected earlier.The emergency protocol could range from assigning an emergency officer to handle the incident to involving a police personnel to prevent mishappenings. Our monitored alarm systems would use emergency protocol and send a message to base monitoring station with help of GSM chip installed, if it detects a fire signal, the base monitoring station would confirm the incident in a few seconds and will adopt necessary measures like informing fire brigade or emergency contact stored with us to help evade the risk of loss of property and valuables.

Have Someone else monitor your home

If you have a monitored alarm system installed then you don’t need to worry about your home even when you are away as we have got you covered. In the instance of a break in, burglary, fire or gas situation, we will keep an eye 24 hrs if your alarm systems is connected to our base monitoring station, and involve an emergency personnel or police to fight risks. Please ensure that your alarm system is active and connected and your internet connection is live for the communication between the alarm system and monitoring station to happen successfully.

Save on homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance usually covers loss of property or valuables resulting from tornadoes, fires, or floods etc. The total discount given to homeowners depends on the features of the home security alarm installed. In case your home security system was connected to base monitoring station, provided by the security system supplier. Usually homeowners get anything upto 25 % discount on insurance in case the alarm system was functional. Al alarms will assist with best efforts and intention to get your insurance coverage sanctioned in a hasslefree manner.

The above were some benefits of installing an alarm system by Al Alarms, however if there is anything in your mind that needs special attention and security, fill in a contact form visible prominently throughout the website.

Home alarm systems are broadly of two types:

Monitored alarm system:

In this case, in the event of a fire or gas leakage or intrusion, the alarm system is armed and sends a signal to the monitoring station, which then gets sent to a nearby police station or emergency squad. In some cases, some signals are sent that may not be actual emergency, which again depends on the sensors installed or if the alarm system was handled improperly. Also, the sensitivity and speed with which the emergency is handled depends on your security systems supplier and its facilitation of rescue squad, and to put in simply, we do our best to ensure a speedy recovery to original situation.

Please skim through the below pointers that are useful if you install a home security system:

Unmonitored Alarm Systems: 

An unmonitored alarm system triggers a siren when it detects an intrusion, fire or gas leakage and the sound it produces is up to 120 decibels typically by a Bosch Alarm. The sound is loud to human ear and can be turned off only if somebody manually disarms the alarm system.

AL alarms uses branded  and reliable products and uses only trained staff for installation or monitoring purposes.


Bosch, DSA, Ness, Hikvision, Micron, relong ,s-venus and many more. (Images of all the brands icons along with name)

Alarm systems are an indispensable need nowadays and is prompted by statistics shared below. We don’t want to astound you but we believe you should have more reasons for installing a home security alarm system.

Our viewpoint behind sharing all this is not to bother you with unkind statistics, but to apprise you of what all things you can deal with by installing a home security alarm.

An extensive alarm system which  is monitored, will eliminate risks of fire breakout, gas leakage, remote monitoring, emergency response, however you may be just looking to get a burglar alarm or a fire detection alarm and not the whole setup. If that’s the case please go to relevant page and they are listed below: