Security Camera Installation


Lets assume that you need a service provider in New south wales to secure your home and business with the help of security camera installation.

Security camera installation and support services, whether its a new installation or  an upgrade to your existing setup, we will be able to help. Security Camera installation is a must nowadays in Australia due to increasing risk of theft and burglary and besides, there is nothing wrong in taking a step ahead to secure your property before something unpleasant happens to your property resulting into loss of property or valuables. We have been in the business for too long too know that its only the right security devices that can get you a hassle-free life.

We are currently servicing Sydney and south west suburbs in New south wales for security camera installation/ Home alarms/ home automation.

You might be wondering about the products that we use for setup and let us assure you that we use all the brands that are popular  for their reliability and they are :  BOSCHDIYNessAntennaRelongHikVisionS-venus and more , depending on requirements.

We will be able to provide you with a free assessment and that would include the following:

Post assessment we will be able to quote you a price instantly and lets just say that we are unbeatable when it comes to pricing and service. In case the above information makes sense , you can request a callback using the form above  . We never take more than a couple of hours to call back , however we believe in beating deadlines rather that meeting them , so you  might just be called back  within 1 hour.

CCTV Security cameras can help with identifying risk of theft and avoidance of work depending on where it has been installed. Benefit of Securing your home with Security Video camera at home :

There can be multiple concerns that can be addressed with CCTV surveillance . Go to our Home security page ( link to home security alarms)  and faqs (link to faq page)if you would like to learn more about the benefits of Video security.

The type of security cameras used defines the need and the security issue addressed. Just for  a heads up on what kind of cameras could be suitable for your needs, we would suggest reading through for a brief on which type of security cameras are available in the market and which one can address your security concerns.


A dome camera  gets it name from the shape of the housing it sits in, it is usually fixed to the ceiling of the property to be secured and gives a 360 degree view of the area under the roof. Dome shaped cameras usually come with a pan/tilt/zoom option and operators will have the ability to move the camera.

It is a useful option when you want to cover a large area with one camera. Due to it’s dome shape it gets difficult to tell as to where is the camera pointing, hence deterring possible threat.

We recommend using a highly trusted and reliable brand when installing a dome shaped camera, because you may just be resting all your security expectations on just one camera. The quality of image is not really high end , but you do have the option to choose for a high definition security camera recording.


Because of the resemblance of the a CCTV camera to that of a rifle bullet and the long cylindrical shape , its called so.

It is usually deployed to monitor corridors, drive bays and indoors of a property and does not come with pan/tilt/zoom functionalities. It rather serves the purpose when it is fixed to ceiling , mounted to a  wall, exit and entry point.

A bullet CCTV camera is usually the most robust of all and can  also be waterproofed to prevent likely damage form dust , rain , hail , storm etc. The quality of camera is usually really high due to the long range it is supposed to monitor.


The usual range of a CCTV camera is 35 to 40 ft.  C mount CCTV cameras come with to talk directly, tap a detachable option , to check different types of lens for coverage extending to greater than 40 ft, You could use a lens that suits your recording purposes. It is mostly  used for outdoor applications and seldom for indoor.


Infrared CCTV cameras are generally deployed for monitoring at night when the lighting is poor to zero. It is capable of recording in pitch black conditions with te help of infrared LED illuminators.

You would find these cameras in use by mostly government or industries to protect property and valuables 24/7.


An IP camera is a digital video recording system that uses internet to transfer images and uses image compression unlike the analog CCTV systems. the setup could e wired or wireless and you dont need to run a  cable for this one, necessarily. It can be of two types:

    • Centralized: In this case you would need a Network video recorder for recording, video and alarm management.
    • Decentralized: the cameras used in this setup are automatically built in with capability to transfer data to an attached SD card, PC/server or a Network attached storage.

Wireless CCTV cameras operate wireless and is another version of a Network Camera. It is capable of transmitting images via different models than just IP and is extremely flexible in installation.


These are high definition cameras and is used in premises where you could need a very detailed and close look at what the person is doing, like in a bank or a casino. The quality and resolution is impeccable and is niche for above mentioned purposes.

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