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Typically, homeowners think their home alarm systems consist of lots of advantages.

This is more so, if the home security system is of a notable brand and it is installed by experience professionals operating in and around your neighborhood.

Let’s Focus On Those Benefits

  • Helps protect your loved ones and valuable assets
  • Allows you to keep tabs on your naughty kids and pets
  • Detects unwanted break-ins by instantly notifying the appropriate authorities
  • Reduces the overall insurance costs
  • They add-on medical alert pendants to contact emergency services ASAP
  • They come with simple installations and guarantee glitch-free operations
  • Lastly- Gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing your most priced investment is protected 24×7 against vandals and other disasters

These benefits are indeed wonderful and much appreciated by its respective homeowners. But that said, home alarm systems often come with one potential disadvantage.

That is – The Possibility Of False Alarms.

Truth be told, it can pose certain inconveniences which you otherwise would not want to undergo.

The Best Case Scenario Being –

The home security system triggering a false alarm when no one’s there and you having to drop everything and returning to the site to  shut it down manually.

The Worst Case Scenario Being –

The home security system triggering a false alarm, informing the local cops and they arriving at the scene of the incident, only to find a false alarm.

(For this the cops or municipality authorities can penalise you for this false ruckus)…

There Are Certain Causes Which Lead To The Occurrence Of False Alarm Triggers.  

Let’s take a look at the following to get a clearer idea of ​​the various causes:

Faulty/ Malfunctioned Home Security System

If your home security alarm system is a faulty one or has malfunctioned over regular use, then it could trigger a false alarm every now and then.

Due To Human Error or Ignorance to not learn about the system

If you have a security alarm fitted at home; you should make it a point to actually learn about the system and even understand how it works prior to entering your home and accidentally triggering a false alarm yourself.

Low Battery performance/ Inconsistent power source

If your home security alarm system consists of a low battery performance and even typically gives out audible warnings whenever the battery power levels are low, then it can trigger a false alarm.

Unlocked Windows & Loose Doors

Sometimes unlocked windows and loose doors can trigger alarm sensors (mainly due to the wind blowing). So be wary of this and keep them locked properly.

Pets, Rodents & Insects Triggering The False Alarm

Sometimes pets, rodents and insects activate a false home alarm. Make sure to speak to your security service provider about installing home security systems with pet-friendly sensors.

Incorrect System Installation

If the home alarm system with its key sensors are incorrectly aligned; and if the rest of its equipment are installed inappropriately. It may trigger false alarms at wrong times.



Let’s Focus Our Attention Towards Ways To Reduce False Alarm Occurrences.

  1. Familarise With Your Home Alarm System –

Read the instruction manual properly (at the time of its installation) to firstly familarise and then understand your home alarm system. Ditch your carelessness and make an effort to learn its two codes – 4 digit code to access it from smart phone and next being the PIC code or the verbal password.

  1. Perform Routinely Maintenance –

Be it a burglar alarm, fire alarm or sprinkler system; give it its routinely bi-monthly or annual maintenances as per the laid down fire code.  Systems optimally maintained will trigger fewer false alarms

  1. Mind Your Furry-Friends –

Pets roaming around or leaping over your set furniture can cause false alarm triggers. Take into account their roaming habits and keeping that in mind look to position your motion detection home alarm systems appropriately.

  1. Secure All Flying or Floating Objects –

Case in point being – hanging decorations, flying balloons, or objects kept high; can also accidentally cause a false alarm trigger. In fact, if your system is overly sensitive to the subtle vibrations in the air, then mind these objects flying or floating inside your room.

  1. Train Others With Access To Your Home Space –

Be it babysitters, maid, neighbors, repairmen, relatives and so on; train everyone who has access to your home space to avoid any false alarm triggers from taking place. Make them understand how to use the system as well as disarm them whenever necessary. Reveal to them about those key pass-codes as well as ways to cancel out an inadvertent false alarm triggers.

  1. Change Batteries If They Are Low –

If you notice the home alarm system battery being low, then look to change it by either yourself or by summoning professionals serving near you to help you out.

By changing the batteries; you can prevent false alarms from accidentally triggering.

  1. Shut Down All Doors & Windows Prior To Arming Your Home Security System –

As security system motion sensors are sensitive to any vibrations in the air, you should look to shut down all doors and windows properly prior to arming your home security system.

So, the next time you move out, verify that all windows and doors are shut and adequately locked.

  1. Spray Insect Repellant Around Motion Sensors Twice Every 6-Months –

Since rodents, insects and pests can also trigger off motion sensors accidentally; be sure to spray proper repellant around the motion sensor twice every 6-months. This will keep those pests away from the motion sensors and detectors and prevent them from triggering any false alarms.



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