PROTECTING YOUR PROPERTY – How Often Must You Check Your Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm?
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PROTECTING YOUR PROPERTY – How Often Must You Check Your Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm?

The safety of your property should always be given utmost priority. Nothing is more important. And to protect your property and loved ones, installing fire alarm systems or smoke detector units becomes very important.

The whole point of this device is to notify your people about the probabilities of any dangerous smoke or fire and thus give everyone inside ample time to evacuate the building safely.

They are real handy units to have at home and in times of an untoward fire crisis can literally make the difference between you walking out slightly singed than you being carried out in a stretcher wearing a gas mask with 3rd degree burns on your body.(That Said -) Routinely Checking Your Home Fire Alarm System Should Be Done To Ensure It Continually Works Optimally…! AL Alarm repair specialists operating in Penrith opine –

As much as one would like to believe, the fact of the matter remains – no electronic device is invincible.

Whether it’s battery performance bugs or the entire security unit deteriorating in its functionality, even the best of security devices will malfunction the more it is used over the tick of time.

To prevent this; the wise course of action would be to check your home fire alarm system for possible signs of wear-tear and malfunctioning.

  • You will have to check the unit’s battery to know whether they need replacing or not
  • You will have to inspect the other crucial components and features of your fire alarm system to know its performance bugs or glitches
  • Lastly; you will also need to check if the fire alarm system is installed at the right corner and angle to ensure maximum performance

Doing so, will ensure your loved ones stay protected even if a house fire does come about to threaten your investment and everyone in it.

(Moving On -) How Frequently Should You Inspect Your Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector?

Truth be told, most smoke/fire alarms don’t require a lot of maintenances. In most cases, they need to be inspected once or twice every month. Of course, the smart thing to do is to constantly inspect and monitor the performance of its battery and look to replace it once or twice every year

(as per AFAC – The National Council For Fire & Emergency Services in Australia & NZW)

As our alarm repair experts in Surry hills would point out  –

One simple way to remember changing or replacing your fire alarm or smoke detector batteries is when you look to change your clock to achieve daylight savings time. That said, you must remember to review your smoke detectors user manual just cause you would need to inspect your fire alarm device more often.

What’s more; we would also suggest you to perform a visual inspection of your fire alarm device just to ensure that the device indicator is still on. Doing so will ensure that both variants of fire alarms – (be it battery operated or hard-wired fire alarm) stay aptly connected with its batteries operating optimally.

Another noteworthy piece of advice which our experts like to impart is you should look to vacuum and dust your fire alarm system. Doing so will ensure your fire alarm system is clear of dirt, insects which otherwise will meddle with the alarm system’s effectiveness.

You also need to inspect your unit’s battery to ensure there is no existing corrosion. Of course, if you come across any signs of existing corrosion in your unit’s battery, then you will need to replace it immediately and  preferably with the help of our proficient alarm repair team in nearby areas like Suri Hills or Penrith .

Much to your relief, our experienced team will properly calibrate your fire alarm unit as per what its  manufacturer recommends.

SO… The Bottom Line being, you need to conduct repeated inspection on your home fire alarm system and possibly replace the old or worn our one. It is the best way to ensure your fire/smoke alarm security system keeps functioning as it was meant to.

(Tips WE Recommend -) Ways To Inspect Your Smoke/Fire Alarm Units

Tip 1 – Inform all your dear ones about your intention of testing your fire alarm system. The reason being, most quality fire/smoke detection alarm systems feature high-pitched sounds which can potentially frighten pets and kids.

Just let everyone at home know beforehand that this is simply a test or experiment to determine the functionality of your security system.

Tip 2 –  Be sure to ensure there is someone standing farthest away from your fire/smoke alarm system. This is important to ensure your system is audible everywhere within your home. Of course, we would recommend you to add in more detectors in your home particularly where the fire/smoke alarm appears muffled, low and weak.

Tip 3 –  Look to press and hold the smoke/fire alarm system’s test button for a handful of seconds. On doing so, you will get to hear an ear-piercing siren from the unit. That said, if you don’t hear anything, then look to change the batteries as the glitch in performance could be due to this.

If it has been six months since the last time you changed the device batteries (which mostly stands true in case of hardwired alarms), then without hesitation look to replace the batteries regardless of whatever results you got from testing it.

Special Mentioning – If your existing fire/alarm detector has been around for over a decade (give or take), then you should look to replace your security system with a more updated model.

All Set To Inspect Your Fire/Smoke Alarm Systems? REACH US Whenever You See Fit!

If you suspect that your fire/smoke alarm system is well overdue for a proper inspection, then AL Alarms TEAM is here and inspect your device at your time of choosing.

We serve all across Penrith and Surry hills and look to deliver you reliable, prompt and professional grade  security system’s repair and maintenances.

The entire inspection procedure only takes a few short minutes. So without procrastinating further – SPEAK TO US.


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