Surefire Tips To Select The Right IP Camera For Your Day-To-Day Needs

Surefire Tips To Select The Right IP Camera For Your Day-To-Day Needs

Truth be told –  there are no shortage of quality IP cameras available in the market for you to pick from. And while it is always convenient to have no scarcity of options, you must bear in mind that not every IP camera you come across will be the same in terms of its quality and operational efficiency.As most top-rated IP camera installation specialists serving Lidcombe would put it –

You will come across various IP cameras differing in their resolutions, lenses, light sensitivity and other noteworthy characteristics.

And most importantly; each of them appear to be perfect in terms of their features and specs for your day-to-day use.

So, in other words – picking the right IP camera for home or office premise is tough and requires lots of R&D and patience on your part.

Fortunately for you; this post will educate you on what all specs and features you ought to look into before making your final decision.

So, let’s begin!

Key Aspects To Consider When Picking The Right IP Camera

The Camera Type  

Firstly determine the type of IP camera you wish to procure.

Ask yourself beforehand whether you require a fixed IP camera,  wireless IP camera, dome IP camera or a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) IP camera.

Being clear on what you want will help narrow down your search and look for the suitable IP camera model.

The Camera Image Quality

The whole purpose of installing a quality IP camera is getting clarity-filled images. And so it’s clearly established that you want top-quality images every time.

However, other relevant questions which you should ask yourself are

  • Do you require sharp details for your images?
  • Importantly, do you see your chosen IP camera proving worth your investment?

The IP Camera’s Single To Noise Ratio

As most top IP camera installers operating near you in Seven hills would put it –

Single to noise ratio (which denotes the suppression of noise in the same image) also stands as one of the key indicators to appropriately measure the overall performance of your High-Definition IP cameras.

As a matter of fact – both noise suppression and bright processing of darker blocks also contributes to determining the camera’s image quality.

Now you will find many low-end cameras able to produce clear images in conditions they very rarely have any effective means for sound suppression when exposed to low or strong light environments.

Keeping this in mind, it would not be such a bad idea to consult with your chosen IP camera installation specialist serving near you in Seven hills about the right model selection.

These specialists have ample knowledge about those hot-selling IP cameras in the respective market. And using all their know-how, they will be more than happy to help you make the right choice.

The IP Camera Lens

When selecting the appropriate IP camera lens; you need to understand one important thing. The wider the camera lens, the lesser details you find at particular resolutions.

Also the resolution and the field view determines whether you can actually identify a person clearly or not. Like for example -most 2-MP cameras work well for about 20 feet.

It is pretty much the same when the camera lens is angled at 33° which allows clear visuals of someone who is approximately 39 feet away.

However, the narrow the lens the further you can see. Example – if you reduce the camera lens to 2°; you will most definitely be able to see things 1000-feet away.

With all these crucial tidbits of information; you also need to be clear on the type of camera lens you want. So whether its narrow lens, medium lens or wide lens IP camera; be sure to consult with your service provider to make the right purchase.

Also, Pay Attention To The Alarms In The IP Camera

FYI – in recent years motion detection algorithm has been a regular feature in modern-day IP cameras. And this has led to more enhanced motion detection which assists spot a person’s motion as well as avoid something relatively small in that same viewing field.

When sorting out your IP camera options; you need to consider the following aspects too.

  • Entry or exit movement detection feature – to see if someone crossed the threshold
  • Object appearing and disappearing feature – to see if someone left or picked up a loitering object
  • Audio detection notification feature – to see if someone’s in trouble or whether there was a gunshot


(In Addition To All These Crucial Aspects…)

You Also Have To Set Your Objectives For The IP Camera

It’s obvious to state that everyone has different needs for their IP cameras. Yours’ will be too!

Whether you need one at your main entrance. One in your parking area. And one at your property’s blind spot to monitor proceedings with high resolutions in low light conditions; you need to decide properly beforehand to avoid later confusions.

Whatever be your specific IP camera requirements; you need to set your objectives by sorting out these aspects.

  • The scale of area you want to survey using your IP camera?
  • Will it operate during day/night or all 24×7?
  • Do you wish to have alarm alerts?
  • Your expectations from the IP camera’s video recording system
  • And whether you wish to view the camera footage using your desktop or laptop?

Each of these are crucial questions which you have to sort right from the start.

Fortunately; you always have the option of consulting with your IP camera installer near you to help you pick a model which aptly meets each of your specific surveillance needs.


So, Are You Ready To Speak To IP Camera Installers Near You?

Now that you have a clear picture of what key aspects to check for when sorting out your IP camera; SPEAK TO OUR TEAM about our same-day IP Camera installation services offered diligently across Lidcombe and Seven hills.

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