CCTV Camera Installation  Mistakes To Avoid – Your Knowledge Base

CCTV Camera Installation Mistakes To Avoid – Your Knowledge Base

Believe it or not but CCTV cameras are no longer items of luxury. Rather, they have become a necessity in this modern age especially with the rates of crimes rising with every passing phase.

In such crucial times, it becomes imperative for you to optimally safeguard your property using these next-gen CCTV cameras to ward off budding miscreants and thieves from intruding your property.

However, in order for these CCTV cameras to work their magic; you need to ensure they are installed correctly at proper positions to deliver you optimal security protection.

For your know-how, top CCTV camera installation specialists operating all across Blacktown point out these common installation mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Let’s Begin…!

  • Wrong or Improper CCTV Camera Positioning

The first and foremost mistake which most property owners make is positioning their CCTV camera wrongly and in an inappropriate manner.

To achieve optimal security, the camera ought to be fitted at an appropriate angle just to present a clear picture of everything.

Take the help of reliable CCTV camera installation specialists operating near you to install your device in the adequate spot far away from trees and sunbeam.

The best spot for installing their camera is of course under the roof and hanging downwards. Of course; you can always speak to your installation specialist to help you sort out other effective spots to fit your CCTV camera.

  • Buying Sub-Par CCTV Camera Quality

The price of CCTV cameras will always remain an influential factor in determining its suitability for your day-to-day needs. And typically the general course of action would be to purchase your CCTV camera in a limited budget. But little do they realise that, doing so will inevitably lead to more costs in the longer-run.

Cheap CCTV  cameras will not offer you good picture quality and lens. They will also require more maintenance with the passage of time.

So, keeping this in mind, it is imperative that you do proper R&D on different CCTV cams. And depending on your surveying requirements; pick one which meets your expectation and gives you the results you sought-after!

  • Improper CCTV Camera Maintenance

In addition to installing top-rated CCTV cameras at your property; you also need to look after its maintenances. As its owner, you will have to perform routinely inspections to verify the unit’s condition and ensure they keep performing optimally for a long span.

In addition to these, you also need to be sure that the cables are adequately intact and all other technical aspects of the CCTV camera is up-to-date!

  • Not Activating CCTV Camera Alerts

Truth be told; it may be impossible to sit in front of the monitor the whole day and watch the CCTV camera footage- quite simply because you have things to do.

Keeping this in mind, the wise course of action would be to speak to your chosen CCTV camera installation specialist to help you pick a unit which comes with a signaling feature to alert you in the event of an unwanted intrusion.

Moreover, having this feature in your CCTV camera also allows you to inform the cops immediately to limit the losses and damages.

  • Safeguarding your CCTV Camera From Hacking Risks

One benefit of having an CCTV camera is that it gives you the scope to check the footage anytime you please using WI-FI connection at your premise. But while it presents you this convenience, the downside to this is it also makes your CCTV camera more susceptible to hacking.

In words of diligent CCTV CAMERA REPAIR and installation specialists operating in and across Oran Park – refrain from using your phone number, your name/pass-code, date of birth. But if you must, then be sure to change it routinely.

Also to keep yourself safe, the pass-code should not be made known to anyone other than yourself.

Avoid committing this mistake as much as possible. After all, the last thing you want is your CCTV camera to get hacked and botch up your entire security set-up.

  • Not Having Sufficient Number Of CCTV Cameras To Protect Your Premise

Determining the exact number of CCTV cameras needed for your property protection is again something which many get wrong. In most times; they make the mistake of procuring an insufficient number of CCTV cameras (than what’s needed) to safeguard the premise.

But this most certainly is the wrong way to go about things. As CCTV camera repairs and installation specialists would opine – the best way to determine the number of CCTV cameras needed for your property is to take into account the overall size of whole premise.

If your property is large, spacious and aptly divided into various aspects, then simply having 2-3 CCTV cams won’t be enough. To ensure optimal property protection; you need to figure out exactly how many units you require to cover all areas you want to monitor.

If things do get too confusing for you figure out on your own, then the smart thing to do is to consult with your dedicated CCTV camera installation expert to help you determine the exact number of cameras that’s needed!

  • And Of-Course; Not Enlisting Help From Professional CCTV Camera Installers To Fit Your Device Properly

In lieu of the aforementioned mistakes to avoid, another common mistake which many make is not enlisting help from professional CCTV camera installation specialists to install your security device precisely where you want them.

They resort to DIY installations (which truth be told isn’t exactly the right way to go about things).

Don’t make this mistake on your part.  Instead, look to summon trustworthy CCTV camera installation experts to come to your location at your suitable time and perform the installation immaculately on your behalf.

They have the field knowledge, experience and the appropriate set of tools to ensure the whole installation process is carried our seamlessly and without any glitches.

You most certainly can speak to them about your installation requirements. These specialists will be more than happy to come to your help.


The Verdict

There you have it. Some of the commonest CCTV camera installation mistakes that you should look to avoid at all costs.

However, there is no need for you to go through all the trouble of fitting your CCTV camera on your own. Our diligent and confident team of CCTV camera installers are Just a call away!

So, if you need help with your CCTV cam installations be it in Blacktown or Oran park; trust AL ALARMS to give you 100% service satisfaction on all your customised repairs and installations.







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