8 Signs That Your CCTV Camera Needs to be Repaired
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8 Signs That Your CCTV Camera Needs to be Repaired

Most modern-day CCTV cameras are user-friendly, sturdy, portable, and light-years ahead to those problem-prone, finicky, age-old cameras of 2-3 decades ago. But no matter the amount of effort manufacturers put into creating these state-of-the-art monitoring devices- the undeniable fact will remain that some issues or technical glitches will always pop up every now and then. And in the crucial moment even those subtle, innocuous flickering can play a role in concealing certain key details in an image- something like a vehicle’s plate number or the wrongdoer’s face. In words of reliable CCTV camera repair technicians operating in Oran Park

“The crucial thing here is to perform the necessary maintenance on a routinely basis to make sure your CCTV camera (even IP camera) continues to operate in peak condition for a long time.”

If you aren’t sure whether your CCTV camera needs immediate repairs or not, then this post will educate you on further on this matter.

  • Blurred Footage

The first and foremost issue which is seen in CCTV camera is that of blurred footage. And whenever the captured footage appears a bit out of focus, it makes it very difficult for you record and view important visual data.

Considering the whole point of adding a CCTV camera at your premise is to capture quality camera footage; this is one glitch which you cannot afford to have.

Whenever you’re faced with the issue, speak to our camera repair and installation specialists to get it fixed on an immediate basis.

  • Its PTZ Feature Doesn’t Work As It Ought To

CCTV Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature is another aspect which makes modern-day cameras ever so desirable for your day-to-day needs. Simply put – this PTZ feature presents you more control over your visual footage.

But if this features goes on the fritz or you are not able to zoom out or in, then unhesitantly call in CCTV repair specialists to diagnose your device and restore its functionality back to the way it was before.

  • The Camera’s Motion Sensor Appears To Stop Working

Often in the case of outdoor CCTV cameras, they tend to lose their motion sensor feature. Now, when this happens, it causes your camera to become less sensitive or stop working completely.

Whenever faced with this issue, it is wise to trigger your CCTV camera every once in a while to check if it is recording properly and also if its motion sensors are functioning properly.

This will give you closure on whether professional repairs and maintenance is required or not.

  • Your Camera Doesn’t Allow You To Access It Remotely

Remote access and monitoring is a hallmark feature for most top-rated CCTV camera units. But when you lose this convenience; you won’t be able to monitor your property and premise as effortlessly as before.

Another thing to take note is – when your remote monitoring feature malfunctions, it becomes a major red flag for its other important specs and features.

Eventually, your entire camera’s functionality will lose its efficiency and require you to get it checked out by trustworthy local CCTV repair technicians operating near you.

With the amount of field experience and model know-how they possess, they will be more than happy to help fix your CCV camera.

  • Noticeable Signs Of Wear & Tear

With the tick of time and day-to-day use, it is only natural that your installed CCTV camera will exhibit noticeable signs of wear and tear. And the best way to protect your device and prevent further wear and tear is to actively keep an eye on it.

And if the damage appears too severe, then without hesitation contact reliable CCTV repairers to service it (or even replace it with a new device).

  • You Only Witness Black & White Images

There are moments when you will find all recorded footage /image appearing in B/W. Whenever such a thing happens it is due to 2 main reasons.

  • Camera designed for low-light/night use cannot distinguish colours with infra-red-lights
  • And colour CCTV cameras will display B/W images/footage whenever exposed to dark light.

If this problem holds true for your case, then reach out your CCTV camera repair technicians serving near you to resolve the issue quickly!

There Appears To Be Horizontal Lines On The CCTV Video

Many times, you may find horizontal lines appearing on the CCTV camera footage. And whenever this happens, it makes it difficult for you to distinguish all those finer details from those sensitive spots for a long stretch of time.

Often this problem results-

  • Due to electrical interference
  • And due to interference caused by ambient lighting

On your part; make sure to check there are no such electrical lights directly falling over the CCTV camera set-up. This hinders with the device’s single-chip CCD sensors and consequentially lead to formation of horizontal lines in images.

While you do that; also make sure to check the device cables for any existing shielding damage. Or better yet, be sure to enlist help from your chosen CCTV camera repair and installation experts in Marrickville to fix this issue properly and promptly.

  • The CCTV Footage Is Flickering

In addition to these; you also need to see if your CCTV camera footage is flickering intermittently or not.

As CCTV repair experts would put it – this happens whenever there is some sort of interference mainly due to improper installations, malfunctioning of equipment or when it is exposed to bad ambient conditions. All this can cause insufficient powering and resultantly deteriorating the overall efficiency of your installed CCTV camera.

Fortunately, this also entails as one of the common signs which denote that your CCTV camera might require professional repairs and upkeep.

So, whenever you face this issue – unhesitantly speak to OUR diligent and experienced CCTV Camera Repair specialists in Oran Park to come to your location and troubleshoot your security device.




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